About Me

Hey Ya’ll!! I’m Jessica!! I go by MOM almost 98% of the time. I have two amazing kids; Ty, who is 10 and Vera, who is 4. I work a full time job as a Medical Assistant and just earned a certificate in Personal Training. YAY!! I have the best guy in the world, Aj. He supports my dreams, and is beyond a great father.

Content Chaos will bring you many platforms. I love to inspire other Women and help motivate them through life. You see, I have been through 2 divorces and several mentally abusive relationships. I here to encourage women that they can overcome and achieve life, just as I did. As a Mom, I want to bring to you the secrets of staying fit while being busy and recipes to keep you on track. I am also a fanatic thrift store lover. Content Chaos will have my secrets on how to find great deals while being on a mommy budget. If I am not working, you will find me spending time with my children and husband. Between the two kids, we are always on the go. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.