Dear Single Mom.

If no one has told you today, I am going to be your first: You, my precious soul, are doing an amazing job.

It is not about the situations, or what day it is, or why you are a single mom; what matters is you are strong, and you are way more than the failure you “think” you are. Single mom guilt will linger and try to eat at you day by day. DO NOT LET IT. Maybe the child’s father is a good father, maybe he was not so perfect for you, or maybe there is not a father around. Maybe you feel like you have bad luck, and believe God is punishing you.

I want to be here to ease your heart, because God called you to do one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Single mom, you are something rare. You have an important job here on this earth and it is to influence a little human being that you call yours. God did not make a mistake when he chose you for this job. There was not another path you were suppose to go down, because God chooses your paths before it is even created.

You, single mom, stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. You took on the battles, the struggles, the commitment, and the life it takes to be a single mom. How can anyone be more courageous than you. You get to love a child that you created, and forever be loved by some one. Oh, single mom, can you not see the way your child looks at you, like you are anything shy of perfection.

There will come a time where your child questions everything you tried to forget. Bringing up the past is gut wrenching, and some questions can sting the heart. In these moments, I pray you stay calm and give reassurance from your heart. Oh how strong you are; I know you would love to lash out and speak negativity, but you gently explain to your child how you prayed from them everyday. Single mom, that is what makes you a great mom.

Can I say how brave you are!!! There will be days you want to just hide away from the world. You want to cry, scream, and give up. It is just fine to grow weary, but do not let it consume you. I know you would love to have help from a companion, and to feel love once more. You deserve the world, single mom, do not stop until you receive that. This journey you are embarking on might be full of tears, laughter, microwave dinners, praying, sleepless nights, and long days. I am here to whisper in your ear, keep up the good work and we are proud of you.

No one else could walk the journey you walk. God created it for you, so thank you for giving your best.

-Jessica ❤

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