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Why motherhood is so HARD, and 5 Reasons you are doing your best!

I can still feel that magical moment when I had my first child, and second child. The feeling of pure joy and excitement of welcoming my baby into the world. Regardless of the pain, I just endured, I instantly forgot about it when they were born. The love I had for a little human being was beyond more than I could ever imagine. Well, I just want to say this……motherhood is not always like those feelings I just expressed. I am thankful I did not believe my mother when she told me raising children is hard. Now, on the other hand, I have witnessed first hand what she was talking about. Motherhood is hard as hell. Mom guilt will eat at you daily. Wondering if you are going to shower today, or if your husband will get any attention. Motherhood is having less friends in your life, and more of a relationship with coffee.

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If I knew how hard motherhood was going to be, I might not of had any. JOKING….but seriously. Articles that are written about mothers make life look easy. It is not easy getting children on sleeping schedule, getting them to eat all the right foods, making them hold still to get them dressed, watching them walk to there first school day, and every other little thing that deals with them. I never knew my patience would get tested as much as it does since I had children. I still scream at my kids, “Patience is a virtue” and well I lack it too. Motherhood means learning how to be giving, patient, putting yourself last, forgiving, being a doctor, google expert, night time lullaby singer, and still give your spouse the best of you at the end of the day. Mom guilt can be the worse. We all have been there moms, and don’t let it get the best of you. We all think…. are we good enough, is my child getting the best, wearing the best, and in reality they could care less. Do NOT associate your life by what another mom is doing. We all are different and unique, and that makes us special.

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I want to share with you 5 reasons why I know you are a good mom.

  1. You wake up everyday and give it your best!! As a mom we give all our effort into our children. They rely on us for everything, unless they are older. BUT I am 31 and still rely on my mom. GO FIGURE! As a mom, I want to tell you Good Job! You are doing your best and giving your best.
  2. You put them first!!! If you have accepted the role as a Mom, that means you val to put yourself last most of the time. That doesn’t mean you should never treat yourself mothers, but kids need a lot of time. They expect a lot out of us, and we give it to them. When we wake up in the morning and until bed time it revolves around kids. Even if we aren’t with our children, our mind is always on them.
  3. You aren’t perfect!! Yes, this is a reason you are a good mom. There will be days we are late to school, ball games, appointments, etc. BUT this just lets us know we are real. We fail everyday but we wake up doing our best for our children. Mothers, we aren’t perfect, but our kids think we are. That is the best of all!!
  4. You accept your child!! This world can be cruel. We live in a place where judgement is undeniably strong. As mothers, our love is pure and true. Regardless if our child has an imperfection we support and love them through it. There is so much depression, suicide, and mental illnesses in this world. Our children need to be shown love and acceptance at home to help him/her establish in the real world.
  5. You are a mama bear!!! We all love to cuddle our babies and give them all the kisses. This is not what I am referring to, as mama bear. You defend and protect your babies at all cost. You pick them up when they fall, and you kiss their tears away. You are on the sidelines cheering them on at their games, or shouting at them because they could of caught that ball. You celebrate their winnings and support them when the lose. You don’t let anyone wrong them, or treat them with disrespect. You, mama bear, are their biggest fans.

If you think about it, our children are not ours. God gave them to us to raise and set free. They are their own human beings, and we are here to help mold them into adults. Everyday they become a little more independent. As moms, we try to rush all the important steps. Their first crawl, walk, words, and even a full nights sleep. I just want to say, sit back. Enjoy all these little moments because they zoom by so quickly. No one warns us that these things come and go. The emotions of seeing your child grow everyday is hard. If it were me, I wish they could be little forever. I am here to tell you we all fall short, but we still strive to be the best moms out there. You are awesome. You are beautiful. You are a great Mom. The secret is if we correctly do our job as a mother, then as they grow, they will need us less. Being a mom is a beautiful, and rewarding job so I am ever so thankful God chose me to endure it all.

-Jessica ❤

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