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5 Exercises to sculpt that Mama belly!

I was always worried, when I was pregnant, if my belly would ever go down. If you are like me, you want to get your pre-mama belly back after the baby. You want those jeans to fit again. You really have to take patience into consideration when trying to sculpt your stomach, or any part of your body. It does not happen over night, and there is not a magic pill. I want to share some of my favorite exercises and tips to help get a flatter stomach.

  1. Planks, planks and more planks!!! I am not talking about just one set of 30 seconds either. You can try at least 6 set of 30 seconds. Planks also strengthen your shoulders, lower back, and legs. I promise you, you will feel the burn. This is the #1 best exercise to strengthen your core.

2. Standing leg raises!!! You really want to go slow and focus on your core. 6 sets of 12-15 reps and if you need more resistance add a dumbbell to your feet. You can bring your knees up, or you can straighten your legs out and raise them.

3. Lying leg raises!!! These can be bit of a challenge, but such a good lower core workout. Do these for a minute each, and try to get in 4 good sets. If you carry more weight in your lower stomach, you should try this exercise.

4. Abdominal twist!!! Again, this needs to be slow and steady. Focus on your core as you twist. You can add weight to your hands to give you more resistance. You can starts with 20+ reps of 4-6 sets.

5. Lying crunch!! I still like the basics. Lying crunch is still a good exercise for your core. 6 sets of 20+ reps. Focus and squeeze your core as you crunch up.

So there you have it, my favorite core exercises. There are hundreds more out there, you can do, but these are some of my favorites. Do I work core everyday, no. Do you need to, no. The secret is, you have to lose body fat to see your abdominal muscles. I know some figure competitors who do not even train their abdominal muscles. If your diet is on point, and your body fat % is low then you will be able to see your core muscles. I lift everyday and even though I’m not specifically working my core, my core is being used. Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.

Please follow my blog to see more tips and tricks that are my favorite.

-Jessica ❤

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