I don’t have a Mom Tribe, and I am ok with that!!

Yes, you read that right! I do not have a mom tribe, but that’s OK. I have never been the one to have a friend group, either, and when I became a mom I did not develop a Mom Tribe. I don’t know if its because I was a single mom, introverted, wasn’t liked, or what the deal was but I just didn’t have one. I see girls on Facebook or social media get pregnant with their friends, have awesome play dates, go on trips with their mom tribe, and allow their kids to all grow up together. I do get occasionally jealous of women who have their “tribe” but I love to see women empower each other. I do have my mom friends, but I would not call us a mom tribe. They love me and would be here for me if I needed them to be but that is how far it goes. I am inspired by all the Mom Tribes who have each other. It is great to see other women continue to be friends and not out grow each other.

I am OK without a mom tribe, and I will tell you why. My FAMILY is my tribe. If I had to chose to spend time with anyone, it would be my family. Maybe that is why my depth in friendship isn’t very deep. I lean on my family for just about everything that happens in my life. I was a young mom and I would not of made it without my mom and sister. I don’t think one friend in this world would out do what my family is willing to do for me. As a woman, who loves her spouse, I lean on my him to lift me up when I need it. My tribe, my circle, and my life revolve around what is important to me and well that is my family.

Say to yourself, YOU are not alone. We all feel lonely, at times, but you are not! In my opinion all the moms in this world fall into a category. We are all in the tribe together called MOTHERHOOD. We should be able to pick each other up and encourage each other that we are doing our best everyday. I think social media does a great job at keeping mothers in tune. Across the world, we all can be connected and inspire each other. We do not necessarily have to be in a close tribe to be considered in one. Life gets super busy, and if you are like me, I usually bail on plans. Kids, working, and after school activities time flies by so when I do get a break I want it to be snuggled on my couch. I was taught at a young age family is everything, and you lean on them. I don’t feel sorry for Moms who do not have a “Mom Tribe.” I feel sorry for the moms who do not have a family to be their tribe. We can have a million of friends come and go, but you only have ONE family. To be honest, God gave you your first tribe. You were hand picked and born into a tribe called family. You should treat them right and love them hard.

-Jessica ❤

4 thoughts on “I don’t have a Mom Tribe, and I am ok with that!!

  1. I didn’t start finding mom friends until my boys were well into elementary school. It’s amazing to have these friends now. But my family has always been my number one choice to spend time with.

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  2. I don’t have a mom tribe and I’m ok with it! I used to think something was wrong with me because I didn’t have all these mom friends. But as you said my family is my tribe. There is no place I’d rather be than with my crazy bunch. Thanks for posting this. Good to know I’m not alone 😁


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