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Meet my Kids!

As a little girl, my number one dream was to have babies. A dream that I made reality, in my mind, through baby dolls, barbies, and even cousins. I remember begging my Mama to have another child, so I could take care of him/her. You see, I was the baby of the family, so I know she was not going to have another one. Especially since I was a surprise. All I could think of, when I was little, is I can not wait to grow up to be a Mom.

Well reality has hit, and the dream finally came true on January 19, 2009. I was blessed with a healthy baby boy Justin Tyce Giles, Ty. His dad and I fussed about that name. First time mom, I had all these sweet names picked out. He just looked at me and said, I want Ty. Ughhhh…..really. I knew several Ty names already, and one being a GIRL. I just wasn’t into it. SOOOOO I made his name Justin Tyce, because I knew I was not going to win the battle name with his father. Now I couldn’t imagine another name for him. He was my first love, and my first dream come true. I was 21, then, and I could not think of anything better than having him. He is 10 now, going on 30. He literally is a small man in a child’s body. Typical boy, he hates school and would rather be playing outside or fortnite. He also races late model cars, I know you are thinking he is only 10, but it is true. He is so good at it too. Racing is just in my family so I am use to it. He is so curious and he thinks he has his whole life planned out already. Plus, he is girl crazy, and I am not crazy about that. He does not know how much I love him now, but one day he will. MEET TY

As a Mom, you always wonder how can you love another child as much as you love your first. (or maybe that was my thoughts) I was so consumed in Ty, because my whole life revolved around him. I figured out loving another child was just as easy as loving your first, on June 18, 2014. God gave me a perfect baby girl. Through my whole pregnancy, with her, I just did not believe I carrying a girl. I already had a boy, so having a girl was what I prayed for. When she popped out, I remember asking the doctor, “IS SHE A GIRL?” When the doctor confirmed, I just sparkled all inside. Vera Bella was here and I was beyond ecstatic. My mom is my best friend, so having a girl I knew I would have a best friend for life. All I could think about is all the dresses, cute clothes, BOWS, shoes, and everything I as going to dress her up in. She was going to have long hair, so I could do all sorts of styles to it. YEAH RIGHT! Lets just say she does not have long hair, it actually just started getting length this year. She hates shoes, and is always barefoot. The dirt is her second home, and dresses are usually just MY dresses to play in. She loves bugs, and is so curious about all the animals. When you sit back and dream of how your little girl will be, I promise you she will be the exact opposite. I would not trade her personality for the world. She is so head strong and independent, and that is gold in my eyes. I want her to know she can accomplish anything in life if she works hard on it, and to not rely on anyone. MEET VERA

I love being a mom! Motherhood is hard work, but it is so rewarding. You have little humans who’s love is so pure for you. The world would be such a better place if we all love like children do.

Jessica ❤

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