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Supplements. Do you use them or not?

I think this is the million dollar question. Am I right? Supplements are not for everyone, and technically, you do not really need them. A supplement is just that, a supplement. It is not a replacement or a going to get you fit QUICK. There are plenty of researching to answer why supplements are not needed, but that’s for another day.

In my opinion, I love to have certain supplements in stock at my house. I am a medical assistant at a busy office, so getting the right amount of protein in my diet daily can be a struggle. Whey protein helps me in that department. I am in competition prep now, so making sure I hit all my MACROS is very important. I also love to drink my BCAA (branched chain amino acids). I work out 6 days a week and drinking BCAA help with muscle growth and helps prevent muscle breakdown. I am sure people will argue with me about this but again I don’t eat enough to make up the difference. In my opinion, a little bit of help from supplements is better than no help at all. I do occasionally mix creatine monohydrate into my BCAA drink. Muscle growth is important to me especially with an upcoming figure comp. It will pull water into your muscles making them looked fuller but also has you holding water weight. This will probably not me essential when it gets closer to show time, OR if you are just trying to lose weight.

So with all that being said, taking supplements is just a personal preference. I do believe it helps me in certain aspects of my training. YES, you can get all the nutrients from eating the right foods, but some times we needs help. So they made SUPPLEMENTS. Fitness and nutrition is not a DIET it is a lifestyle. EXAMPLE, you don’t put the wrong gas in a car expecting it to work right so why put junk in your mouth all the time expecting your body to preform miracles. My saying goes, if God did not put it on earth for you to eat then don’t eat it or if you do in moderation. Man made or processed foods are not what your body should live on. The proper diet (LIFESTYLE) and workout regimen does wonders to a body with or without supps.

If you want to learn more in depth, read this article by Nerd Fitness 🙂 Not a paid promotion but I enjoyed his article.

Also my supps come from a great company called Yellowstone Nutraceuticals. FAVORITES are the Amino Acids flavor SKITTLES. Whey proteins, OREO and PEANUT BUTTER CUP. Use code JCRAIGHEAD10 for your next purchases. Click here

-Jessica ❤

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